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AHS Dance Program

Our modern dance-based program offers a multitude of classes in modern dance, ballet, composition, history, criticism, improvisation and body studies. Students learn to develop technique, a broader movement vocabulary and a wide view of dance.

The students have opportunities to use these skills while exploring their personal voice as a choreographer and performer.

Dancers study modern dance or ballet in a daily technique class. Students come into the program with varying levels of experience and are placed in classes according to their experience. All dance students work on major projects for performance through the process of learning and creating choreography, a primary focus in our program.

The dance department is committed to performance as a teaching tool, an assessment tool and as a vehicle for personal voice and artistic expression. Students perform their own work as well as the work of professional choreographers in several concerts throughout the year. Students create work from classroom assignments as well as on their own initiative as they form a performing ensemble.