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Perpich Center for Arts Education
6125 Olson Memorial Highway
Golden Valley, MN 55422

Main Phone:
763-279-4200, 800-657-3515
Dorm Phone:
763-279-4201, 800-657-3518
AHS Attendance Line:
711 (MN Relay Service)
Admin FAX:
Student Services FAX:
Dorm FAX:
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AHS building

Last: First: Email: Function: Phone:
Aban Ben Maintenance Worker 763-279-4173
Aldis Diane Dance Education Coordinator (PDR) 763-279-4180
Allen James Instructor, Music 763-279-4269
Anderson Carl Instructor, Visual Arts 763-279-4270
Benincasa Pat Instructor, Visual Arts 763-279-4284
Bichinho João Instructor, Social Studies 763-279-4271
Biggar Scott Activities Coordinator 763-279-4201
Bottoms Bonnie Theater Instructor 763-279-4272
Brewer Tamika Dorm Night Coordinator 763-279-4201
Bundy Nancy Instructor, Media Arts 763-279-4290
Bursh Suzanne PDR Admin Assistant 763-279-4182
Campana Alina State Program Administrator 763-279-4183
Canniff Lauren Mental Health Specialist 763-279-4267
Carlson Tom Instructor, English 763-279-4274
Clark Kevin Instructor, English 763-279-4275
Colburn John Instructor, Literary Arts 763-279-4276
Cox Barbara Arts Education Partnership Coordinator 763-279-4184
Crapo Daniel Dorm Coordinator 763-279-4201
Crosby Julie Plant Maintenance Engineer 763-279-4174
Dennison Anne Librarian 763-279-4170
Donner Karla Receptionist/Attendance Clerk


Drivas Elaine Instructor, Spanish 763-279-4277
Duffy Nathan Director of Technology 763-279-4175
DuRose Cassandra Human Resources Representative 763-279-4163
Edaferierhi Godfrey Resident Coordinator 763-279-4201
Farmer Craig Instructor, Art History 763-279-4278
Frey Bob Instructor, Social Studies 763-279-4279
Galardy Dennis Maintenance Worker 763-279-4173
Gentz Jody Records Coordinator 763-279-4263
Goetze Todd Accounting Officer 763-279-4166
Grundei Kathy Education Specialist - Legacy Project 763-279-4181
Hannigan Shannon Instructor, Literary Arts 763-279-4280
Harding Mary Instructor, Dance 763-279-4281
Harris Antwan Arts HS Principal 763-279-4262
Haux Greg IT Support 763-279-4176
Hilgenberg Holly Communications 763-279-4264
Holien Jeremy VA/MA Education Coordinator 763-279-4185
Hunton Janice Instructor, Music 763-279-4283
Jensen Andy Education Specialist - Legacy Project 763-279-4249
Jeter Bill Instructor, Visual Arts 763-279-4284
Johnson Scott Maintenance Worker 763-279-4173
Johnston Thomas Accounting Officer 763-279-4164
Keller Trina French Instructor 763-279-4286
Kelley Debra Sr. Commmunications 763-279-4167
Lamprecht Lon Assistant to Executive Director 763-279-4161
Leibfried Jessica Music Education Coordinator 763-279-4285
Lynn Stacy Resident Coordinator 763-279-4201
Mackert Sue Executive Director 763-279-4160
Markworth Dan Commmunications Officer 763-279-4169
McFerran Virginia Theater Education Coordinator (PDR) 763-279-4186
Miller Jerry Campus Security Officer 763-279-4202
Morin Barbara Instructor, Theater 763-279-4288
Nash Bill Bldg. Maintenance Foreman


Nelson Eric Instructor, Math 763-279-4289
O'Neill Ray Campus Security Officer 763-279-4202
Paulson Dr. Pamela Senior Policy Director 763-279-4187
Peterson Tory ArtScience Instructor 763-279-4292
Pierson Todd Legacy Project 763-279-4197
Pickerell Brian Instructor, Science 763-279-4293
Pridie Jeff PDR Director 763-279-4179
Quiring Lisa Guidance Counselor 763-279-4266
Richard Byron Education Research Coordinator 763-279-4189
Riemer Marla Administrative Assistant to the Principal 763-279-4261
Sande Mike Plant Maintenance Engineer 763-279-4174
Sandstrom Wendy Nurse 763-279-4193
Shibata Aki Media Arts Instructor 763-279-4273
Shin Sun Yung Instructor, English 763-279-4294
Vandervelde Janika Instructor, Music 763-279-4295
Wallace Wes Instructor, Science 763-591-4296
Woodhull Sandra Instructor, Visual Arts 763-591-4297
Zabel Mike Admin Management Director 763-279-4162