The Artful Teaching & Learning Handbook 

The Artful Teaching & Learning Handbook provides blue prints for a versatile arts education model. Full of tools, processes and examples from its field sites, the handbook offers the practitioner research-based support for building arts based and arts infused learning. This model is powered by the belief that all students can achieve high academic standards in and through the arts.

There are many ways to commence artful teaching and learning. You may use the handbook tools and protocols “a la carte” in both short and long term arts education partnerships. You may also use this handbook to begin implementing a comprehensive whole school reform. Like fusion cooking, ARTFUL strives to take the best of various “cuisines” and fuse new delicacies, more flavorful and satisfying than any one traditional dish.

ARTFUL Teaching and Learning began in 2002 as a three-year project funded by the U.S. Department of Education Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant Program. To develop the model, the Minneapolis Public School District worked together with the state of Minnesota’s Perpich Center for Arts Education.

Over the years of development a team of designers synthesized arts-based and inquiry-based learning approaches that were then applied in urban, rural and small city settings. ARTFUL carefully captured the learning that was taking place in several arts education initiatives, especially the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Arts for Academic Achievement program and the Perpich Center’s Arts and Schools as Partners program. 

Supported by a network of artists and educators who continue to work as artful peer coaches, more than 50 schools, organizations, agencies and arts partners in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Iowa currently use the Artful Handbook to guide their change process. A dynamic network of educators and artists throughout Minnesota and the U.S. continues to generate and refine methods of artful teaching and learning. 



The Dance Education Initiative Curriculum Guide

The Dance Education Initiative Curriculum Guide is a valuable resource for K-16 dance educators and teaching artists. In framing dance as an integral part of learning for all students, the Guide blends cultural and contextual considerations into all aspects of the discipline.

Part One provides an Orientation to the Guide that establishes a point of view about dance in the schools and includes material that may help to advocate for the importance of dance in school curricula.

Part Two introduces A Model for Dance in the Schools. The parts of the model are explained including perspectives on the art and discipline of dance. Widely applicable to any form of dance and to any educational setting, the model explains dance in a way that is useful to both specialist and non-specialist dance educators.

Part Three provides Tools for Planning and Implementing Dance Learning Experience to assist educators in planning, teaching and assessing dance learning experiences.

The Dance Education Initiative Curriculum Guide was produced during the 1990-1998 Dance Education Initiative (DEI), a resource program of the Minnesota Center for Arts Education (later named as the Perpich Center for Arts Education).


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